Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mini adventure part 2

by this time on our little adventure exploring was at its best. I really think he loved the face that it was windy and warm . Cloudy than sunny because he would run into the wind and I would fallow him.

Then there was all the fountain love. Who does not love fountains. I do and Jack does too. I cleaned his hands w sanitizer every time he stuck his hands in the not clean water. I think this was the highlight of our little trip.. water momma water !! and more water.

The good thing about no stroller is he loved sitting down after a while and just looking up at the trees.. thats when I get to hold him. 

I am planning on doing this more with Jack. He never got really tired and I carried him when ever he wanted me too. The kids is so fun.

We had a teriyaki chicken bowl for lunch and he loved it. I need to try more new foods with him he surprises me with all the foods he likes.

Life is just having lunch with my mom at the park.

The day went really well and I am so glad I just went exploring with him. Sometimes I think I need way more than I do. It was simple my baby and me a full tank of gas 20$ and a full day of fun. Am I crazy grateful for the great day we had ? I am and I also know that specially on days when life seems a little gloomy its so important to make it good. Go outside and just make a mini adventure.

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