Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Stories

She was kind, sweet and loving in the way grandmothers are supposed to be. The story is that from the first day I came home from the hospital I slept with her. My mom and dad lived in the same house as my grandmother and I guess she claimed me. She always looked at me and said my sweet girl. I always felt like I was hers. Her eyes held a place for me and I belonged in them. Sometimes she would hold my face in her sweet hands and it was perfect. She had the kindest voice and I remember how much I admired her beauty. I rarely saw her with out makeup on. She was in her late 80s in this picture so as you can tell she really was beautiful. My favorite story about her told to me by my aunt. Her daughter the one I have grown to call mom. That my grams had the most beautiful night gowns she would put on after dinner when it was time to go to bed. They had matching robes and slippers and my grandfather loved them. That tells me she was in love and she must of been in passionate love with my grandfather. It reminds me of her class and beauty. Her love of fashion but she always wanted to look her best. She took pride in her self. I love that. She was also a great cook and loved feeding us. She showed her love for us in her service. She loved us by feeding us and she always smelled so good. I wish she could of lived forever. So she could of met all of my children . I wish I could hear her sweet voice and smell her. I have so much admiration for her. The biggest gift she gave me was the love she showed me. She has been gone for a couple years now but she will never be forgotten. This week on my runs I just played the memories I have of her in my head . It was like watching my favorite movie over and over. It is so important to love with an open heart and not hold back. 

Most of the family went to visit her on her Birthday. Jack said hi too. Love is never lost it can always be found in the memories we hold close to our heart. Happy Birthday Tita. I miss you.

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