Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes when I really want to create but I just keep putting it of I find the best way to get myself going is to play a game. I call it my Jump Start challenge. This is how it goes. This time I started with a canvas I lost interest in a while ago. It had a lot of colors going on. I set up a couple colors and give myself 1 hour and I take a picture before and put it on Instagram. It helps me get excited when I post it. Then 30 minutes later I take another picture and then 1 hour later I see what I did. This does not mean I am finished just farther than I would of been if I would not have done it. I get inspired and because I am on a time crunch I can't over think it. I usually do not finish but I get close. One more hour on this picture and I will be done. I am going to put it in Jacks nursery.
I hate to change the subject but I am…
Look at this Rad picture from Western States.This is Jeff he ran Western States and finished it this year and I paced him for 38 miles. After the big meeting in Auburn we saw Sally Mcrae and she took a picture with us. She inspires me to work harder. I am a fan of the yellow runner. One of the things I really liked about her was how friendly she was and she makes eye contact when you talk to her. She has a very sweet personality and she is a bad ass runner and she is a mom. I love it. So I had to share. Can you see my huge smile ? I was kinda excited. Have you ever taken a picture with someone you totally look up too ? Here is mine..
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