Monday, August 31, 2015

August Left me ...

August was emotional.. In good way.  My kids are growing up and you know how people tell you it goes by really fast. Its true it does. I feel my self growing up too. Yes I am an adult but you never stop growing or getting it. I am feeling my growth and I am just going with it. Letting it pass through me and letting myself when I am aware of whats happening watching. This month I somehow was able to do this. I held my children a little bit longer and I held there hands when they road with me in the car. I tried to be aware of the love that so closely surrounds me. I feel that running so much and feeling tired some how helps me feel more and worry less.  (my sister carmen and me last week) She is such a fighter.

August is gone but it left me so much. I am grateful for the people I met and the great conversations I had. I am grateful for this little plant that is accidentally growing in my yard. SO yes the August heat kicked my ass but I am grateful for that too. 

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