Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Be glad you did

As I was getting ready to go meet my dad there where many things I needed to get done . I decided to let all of it go and that it could wait. Then I though to myself how important this was to my dad and how much fun I knew we would have. After changing my positives into negatives I felt happy. I had 45 minute drive all by myself in the car.  I could of thought man I have to drive so far but instead I thought Yeah I get to drive and sometimes I listen to music and others I drive in silence. It would be just me and sometimes that can be so nice. 
Even though I left early parking was crazy so as soon as I parked I  had to run to meet my dad and as I turned the corner there was my dad with a huge smile waiting for me. Suddenly the fact that I was in a hurry and the nervous energy just went away. Its funny how that happens. I made it with 4 minutes to spare.  It does not take much to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The most important thing you need is to be aware of your thoughts and then when the negatives pop in there …think of some good ones and even if they don't seem as important as the negative ones just go with the good ones and you will be glad you did.

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