Sunday, August 30, 2015

Julian Full Moon Run

Hi Peeps. I wanted to get this written while I still felt all excited about the event I was lucky enough to be a part of yesterday. I signed up for The Julian Full Moon 12 and 24 run . This was a fund raiser for SURF . San Diego Ultra Runners Friends . I was definitely excited about running in an event again.  This event started at 8 am. So since its an hour drive from my house I left early and on my way I went.
I was happy to see some of my favorite people there. Ricky and Becca. Ricky is one of the best runners I am lucky to call these people my friends. I love the early OK not to early but I love those 30 minutes before a race. The buzz in the air is beautiful. All the happy runners with dreams and goals running around in their head. OK so about this race. It was put on by the best race directors in San Diego. There was about 60 runners and I think that an intimate ultra. There was plenty of drinks and gels and salt tablets .Everything  you need when running for a long ass time. 

The course was a half mile loop on dirt and grass around a working farm. There was goats and donkeys I think. The course was well marked and everyone was able to set up there table and tent and whatever you needed the volunteers helped. This is Nartaya and me 2 minutes before it started. OK can you tell how hot it is and its not even 8am yet…It was so hot. 

Since I have never ran in a loop race or run before I did not really know what to expect or what to aim for. So here is my thinking. I get to go do this and be part of race that includes my favorite things. Good people, running, and lots of laughing .

The terrain was easy. There was no altitude or hills just some grass and dirt. It was an easy half mile loop. What was the hard part you ask ? The mountains came in the shape of Heat .. This race was held on a really hot day. OMG I felt like I was cooking. I think the high was 95 to 100 degrees. That was for hours and hours. 

There was people there who killed it in the heat but that did not include me. I had fun I got a great tan and I did run 72 laps.  I did learn a couple things about myself .. I do better when its a point to point race. If there is a chair with my name on it evert half mile chances are I will sit in it. If my friends sit in there chair chances are I will sit with them. If there are people walking and they want to talk  then chances are I will stop and talk. So that does not make for lots of miles  thats makes for G having a great time . Oh so thats 36 miles I ran .

My friend here killed it . She ran 108 laps and she ran for 24 hours. I feel so happy for her. There where lots of amazing runners that just kept going.  The race was awesome it was hot but you can't control the weather. I ran from 8am to 8 pm. Next year I think I will do 8pm to 8 am change things up. So there you go it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. If you ask me ? 

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