Friday, August 28, 2015

Running for 12 hours . Yes I am

I did it again. There I was feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks. I was feeling like this flower   I was screaming for water or anything that made me feel alive again. I needed to rest but my mind was driving me crazy . It was filling me with insecurities. Your to old to run or you need to lose weight thats why your tired or maybe your just not a good runner ..( my crazy mind ) My body on the other hand needed naps. So I rested and like everything life has its ups and down and so I just road the wave. Ups and downs. I have been feeling the need to sign up for a race and I did. Tomorrow morning I will be running
The Julian Full Moon 12/24 hour run.  I know this will fill me with joy ..
I hope to feel like this flower. Big fat happy oh and blooming. For a runner like me its not about speed because there is always someone faster. Its about spending a whole day running OK not a whole day I am running the 12 hour race. Its about the experience . It's about having a goal of 50 miles in 12 hours. It's about trying something hard because its going to be 95 degrees out in Julian tomorrow. It is about challenging my self and living. Making my life fun and having a cool story to tell my kids.  You have to write your own story because nobody else will. I want to run and so send me lots of good wishes as I try to get 50 miles in 12 hours .. A bunch of my great friends will be running to so how fun ! What are you doing this weekend ? Something fun I hope or maybe its your turn to rest . If its rest up ..
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