Monday, September 21, 2015

My Noble Canyon race report

Happy Monday!! Here I am all excited and ready to tell you all about my Saturday morning. I was actually able to get up on time and make it to the race about an hour early. It really did help my anxiety to plan ahead have most of my stuff in the car and drive there knowing I had plenty of time. As soon as I arrived at 5:30 am I saw Paul directing traffic. Its always nice to see a familiar face and know that your in good company. It was kind of cold but according to the news and to weather we have been having lately I knew it would get hot quickly. I wore a short sleeve shirt and I think I have learned how to pack my Nathan simply without stressing. I took 6 GU's. A pack full of water and granola bar.  Four S caps and that's it.  I used to pack everything I could think of but simple seems to work better. 

Like all the races I have done in San Diego this one went really well. I picked up my bib quickly and registration was well organized. I even had a cup of coffee while I waited . As soon as the sun came out I saw my friends and got in line and we started right on time. 6:30AM.

The weather seemed perfect at 7 am. I was not to hot at all. If you compare it to The Julian Full Moon run then I would say it was amazing weather. I start near the back. I know what I can do and I don't want to be in faster runners way. People were friendly and we all said good morning and wished each other a good race. 

The aid stations had everything we needed. Caring volunteers ready to cool you off and yummy food. I try and only eat bananas  and watermelon (my tummy likes that) and Ginger ale. This is never a good place to try new food if you ask me.

This was not an easy race. It was hard and warm out there. This takes a ton of work. I don't care if you are in the lead or in the back, it's 31 miles of hard work for all of us. Thats what makes it so good. 
This is my #runningselfie   

This was the half way point. My friend Nartaya came out and gave me a hug and a cold Gatorade. It warmed my heart to see her out there, cheering for all of us. The views are beautiful up here. I had no problems. I just ran and power-walked my way to the finish line. It was a good day and the race director and the volunteers did a great job putting it all together. They had great food after the race, too. 

I think I came in at 7:41. That was fine and I was happy with my time. The only thing that scares me is I am running Cuyamaca 100k in two weeks. I felt Noble Canyon was hard :( I can only imagine how hard Cuyamaca will be. I have heard mostly scary stories about how hard that race is. I am working toward the Jacket and I only have Cuyamaca 100k to go before I finish so… I have to do it and give it my all.

Here is a blurry group picture. It was a good time and the best part hanging out with all these cool people. Saying thank you to the race director after you finish because you feel so accomplished. Life as a runner is a good life. 

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