Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cuyamaca 100k race report

This is one of those races that you hear a lot about. It has a reputation of being hard so, to say I was nervous, well I WAS. I left my house at 4:15 am as to avoid any stress of getting there late. My dad drove me there and this way I didn't have to worry about parking either. From the time we found the parking lot and drove in I could tell this was a really well organized race. The parking was well marked and there seem to be plenty of room for everyone. The Cuyamaca Camp ground is beautiful anytime of day but getting to watch the sunrise in the mountains is always special to me. I walked into the campground and found the pre-race checking table got checked in was handed my number. 187 and I also got a rad shirt some gloves that came in handy that night and I dropped of my gear bag. Then we took some before I get my butt kicked pictures. 

Here I am. The thought that kept creeping in my head is do I have what it takes to finish this race? I really didn't care about the time but I knew I had 19 hours. I saw so many familiar faces at the start and that is always so nice. These are people that will help you out and honestly give you whatever they could to help you if you needed it. Before you know it it was time to go. I settled in the middle with Robert and Nartaya. Then off we went. 

 The views are amazing and I started of at about 13 min miles . I kept it easy and just kept moving along. I ran half of the race with Nartaya. The aid stations had everything you needed but the most important was smiling volunteers telling you how great you were doing. It's always a plus to leave an aid station with good food and some positive vibes.
This race is made up of three loops . The first loop was 35 miles long. Let's remember you are fresh and super excited . The first 35 miles felt long but not really hard. I am also not a fast runner so I was happy. Hanging out with my friends.

Lets talk about the second loop. It was 12 miles long. It was hard. I suck at running down hill because I am scared to fall and I honestly need to practice down hill a lot more. It was hard terrain and it even though I feel we got really lucky with the weather it was warm and its all exposed. It was challenging. My thoughts at this time where DON'T be afraid of hard work G. 

I was eating my GU every hour and I was drinking water and water ever they had. I think it was Heed and Trailwind. I ate bananas and watermelon at the aid stations. I really need to remember to eat something besides fruit. I did not want to complain but, man, I was getting tired. Every loop we completed we were handed a different color bracelet and I can't tell yo how many time I looked at my bracelet to remind me where I was and what color flags to look for. Thank you to whoever thought of the color bracelets they made me feel more secure and reminded we where the heck I was many times. This picture was taken at the race by Paksit Photos . If you run a big race you have to buy a couple pictures.

Narataya and I stopped at this point and just looked around. It was so beautiful. I thought about my sister home in her wheel chair and my heart just felt so grateful to be able to run. I love the feeling of having all the crap stripped away from you because your tired and my mind feels so clear when I am out here. What really matters is really clear when your out here. The trick is not forgetting when you go back. I almost forgot I talked to the coolest guy while I was running. His name was George and he has the craziest stories. He is a English Teacher by day and night . He is a crazy runner all the other time. He told me stories about when he saved Dean. He told me all these stories about the many many 100 mile races he has ran. What stood out the most to me was what a great story teller he was. I was so entertained and just in awe. Ultra runners are so cool. 

I finished my second look at 6:45 . 12 hours after I started. I picked up my pacer and changed my wet clothes . I really did not want to change my clothes but I am so glad I finally listened because I was totally wet and it was going to be cold and windy at Sunrise Aid Station. Mike was ready to go and I told him I was tired and that the next 19 miles would take us a while. It took 6 hours. The last loop was hard mostly because my right foot was hurting so much. I have this bone at the bottom of my foot I should have a doctor look at it was not happy. Anyway I slowly made my way to the finish line and finished 17 hours 49 minutes. 

Here I am getting my medal from the race director. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I finished. This was so hard but I never felt like quitting I just felt like hurry your ass up G … You might not make the cut off. I made it. This was a really well put on race I highly recommend it. You have to train for this its  legit. 

I also got my Jacket. I completed the San Diego Grand Slam. I feel so grateful to this amazing community of such awesome people. Ricky and Robert also got their jacket. They finished way before me but they still waited how, nice huh? Ricky came in 3rd so he waited a long long time for all of us to come in. Training with The Trail Crashers made this adventure accomplishable for me. I love this group. So there you go. If you have ever wanted to do something really hard as long as your not afraid to work hard you can do it. I had lots of great support both at home and from my friends.

I finished it was awesome.

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