Sunday, November 15, 2015

3 things I am LOVING right now

I thought it would be fun to start of the week with all the stuff I am obsessing over right now.  I had a great run yesterday. 16 miles on the trails with my awesome friends and it was just so good. Yes, they had to wait for me because there all faster than me but I did not take away from how good I felt. The cold made it feel more adventurous than it really was but it was so fun. So holding on to that spirit I though I would share some other things I have come across lately that have made me feel this happy.
1. I found this great website ..Simple Green Smoothies 
I signed up for the 30 day challenge and I am really excited about fallowing along and making some healthier eating habits a part of my life. I even bought a new Blender.. (thank you ladies at simple green smoothies )
I went to Sedona a couple years ago to spend time with some beautiful woman. What we had in common is we all loved to create. It's was there that I met Rachel Awes. She was light and had a lovely colorful nurturing soul. Her art is truly magical .
2. She just wrote a book. The Great Okayness and you can her and her book here. Rachel Awes  . You know how in life sometimes you come across someone and they leave an imprint in your heart forever . She does that in life and you feel her in her books. I can't say enough good things about her so I hope you take the time to check her out and pick up a copy of her book.
3. I have been trying to not sign up for any races for next year because I have been trying to give my body rest time but that is not really working out for me. So I have been looking daily at ultra sign ups. I just want to look and see what if anything moves me and yesterday something did. It moved me to sign up. The Moab Red hot 55k   I found this video on you tube and I do not know the runner but it is a really good preview of the race course. It looks like so much fun. and I feel really excited about having a race to look forward to in a brand new place I have never run before.. I love adventures in new places. So there it is 3 things I am all excited about !!
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