Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd here you go

November 2. It seems to me this month is of to a great start. I got my kids to school on time with lunches. Then I went and worked out . It was hard and I am sure my arms will be jelly by tonight. I took Jack to the park and now while he is napping. I am enjoying a couple minutes with my Yarn. A couple things I am doing differently is I am allowing myself to wear work out clothes during the day. Its easier and so comfy. I would never do this before I always felt like I had to get dressed up for the day . Lately I have been feeling like easier is better but I do have my makeup on and my hair is done. I think Its fine to be comfy cute.
I am also working on my blanket looking at this picture  reminds me that my stitches are not perfect and there all over the place but I love it this way. I am loving the  imperfections of this my blanket.  I really want to see it grow into a big warm blanket that my family uses at night. I am coming slowly to the understanding that perfect does not really matter what matters is my intention. Here is hoping your month is of to a great start. 

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