Sunday, November 1, 2015

So Happy

 Whats making me smile. Wearing braids and long runs
 I am looking forward to . My favorite part of the day is even though I really don't love cooking is sitting down for dinner with my family. It just always feels so good and so worth it once you sit down.
What I am making  I am crocheting a blanket. I think in about 3 weeks I will finish it. I was inspired by Kellymade.
Discovering  I am starting to read more so I am once again discovering books. Seems odd but it is true.
Planning I am planning a living room make over
Thinking  I have been thinking a lot about God and saying yes to as much as I can and that includes naps.
My happy thoughts keep leading me to my house. I never really knew how much I love and need having our home. I do 

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