Sunday, November 1, 2015


Can you believe it is already November ? This year went by quickly. It still feels like summer here. I took this picture today at 9am . It was a already starting to get get warm. I started of this month by going to watch a race. It was really great. Jack and Christopher had a good time running around the park. I love getting outside and as much as I dislike getting up in the morning I love getting out side in the morning. hmmm That does not really make sense Right. So as I do at the beginning of every month I made some goals for this month.
Goals for November.
1. Run 150 miles.
2. Only have sugar in my coffee
3. go see 2 movies with my kids
4. go on a date w my dad
5. visit 2 museums with Jack
6. run a marathon
7. get caught up on my photo album / project life
8. Practice telling the gremlins in my head to go F---k themselves
9. go visit my sister
10. go to church
There you go. I love having goals. I think is the perfect month to post about things that make me happy . So instead of grateful I am going with happy. I am just happy to feel happy. 

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