Tuesday, January 5, 2016

G's Gear Review

I thought it would be cool to write a post about all the gear I use when I run. G's gear review :)
There are so many awesome brands out there that are amazing that I thought I wold share what I use. Let me start by saying that I have been running for 12 years and that includes about 22 marathons and a bunch of different distance ultras. I am in no way fast I am a middle of the pack runner if your talking about 50 miles or less and a back of the pack runner for anything over 50 miles but I always finish happy for real. So the gear I use has to work well for a long ass time. My nutrition is something I am always working on. Today before a long run on the weekend I try and have a piece of toast with peanut butter on it and on my drive to the trail I eat half a banana. I used to drink coffee before long runs but I don't any more.
First thing is my pack .
The Nathan HPL #20 hydration vest  I love my pack it is super durable and my first one lasted 4 years. It fits my body type well and I like the water spout.
Cliff Energy Food   I tried having a couple of these at my last 50k and they really helped my tummy. I felt like I ate something with out having to chew. It was easy to swallow while I ran and I will keep these in my bag for sure.
Gu    I keep coming back to GU every 55 minutes and it does the job for me. The trick is to get used to it practice with whatever nutrition you choose on your training runs and its super important to eat eat while your out there. Nutrition is everything.
This stuff is awesome. I use it but not all the time because I find after a while it makes me feel bloated but on really long runs I rather be bloated than tired so I drink it. It taste really good and they make it easy to pack because they sell really great little samples.
Carbo Pro Hydra C5 
I just bought some cargo pro I will let you know how it works for me. It is always nice to have options. The taste is really light I just need to use it. I think this friday I will try it out. 
Butt Balm  This stuff has kept me from chaffing many many times. I won't go run with out it. The other thing I really like is that for 20$ you get a really big container so I do not have to worry about running out for a while.
Nike Running Bra
I like the price and it works really well for me. There seems to be the dreaded chaffing that goes on with any bra and I have that with this one too. After trying almost every bra out there this one is the one I keep using. It washes and dries easy and it very durable.
North Face Running shorts 
I will eventually switch all my shorts to these. These are the first shorts that I find I can wear that are not compression shorts that I do not chaff in and they breath well. I run hot and these are great. I love the bright colors and you can usually find a great deal on them at the RACK. I find your selection is really good on line in the store its not nearly as good. I would definitely try these and for 20$ if you don't like them to run in you can just wear them around because there so cute on
R Gear Dry max
Socks. I feel like I am a sock junkie I do not have a favorite sock but if I had to pick it would be these in black heck white is fine too. I do love these socks and I treasure them. That means I always know where they are. I always have a new pair for race day and I flat dry them. Ok I guess I really like these socks.
Shoes are really personal but if your planning on putting on a-lot of miles I would recommend trying theses shoes out. Your feet will thank you.
Garmin 310XT 
I really like this Garmin. It will last you years it has a really long battery life and its simple to use. I wish Garmin would do a better job with the website but for the price this is a great watch.
Ultimate Direction Water Bottle 
I use mine all the time. I like this spout because its easy for me to drink when I run. Hydration is really important you need to drink water.
Kiss my Face sun screen 
I should wear it way more than I do. I like this brand because it last and it does not hurt my eyes. I does not smell funny either.
There you go my favorite gear I used in 2015 is all here. This is the stuff I could not run with out. I hope it helps . Have an awesome day and stay warm out there.

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