Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Let's go outside !

The excuses I used in the early morning so that I would not go out to run.
It might rain.
(it's raining )
Jack needs me
I am tired
I could always do it tomorrow
The reasons I told myself my excuses are crap.
I own a rain Jacket.
Jack could stay home with Mike
If I ran I would not be tired
I could always do it today.
Then there is what happened. I ended up running 2 miles with my puppy he was very happy. Then I brought him home and got 4 more miles in at this point its is still not raining. When I walk in the door Jack says me run too mommy.. so I put his shoes on and we go out for another two miles. Those where mostly walking and jumping in puddles but I am so glad I did not make excuses I got out with the dog and Jack and me. Everyone is happy. Lesson learned if I am making up an excuse not to run then I need to get outside and go for a run or walk. Why ?? because now I feel really good.

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