Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lake Cuyamaca

 When you hear there is snow an hour away you get in the car and drive to it. When you see it is only a little bit of snow you smile because you really don't have snow clothes and a little bit of snow when your 2 is better than no snow if you ask me.
 When I stood here taking this pictureI thought to myself this is mile 90 of the SD100. That felt really weird because at that time I was so tired and falling apart. I could see myself running or walking right where I stood. I had the best pacer who kept me going. ( Jeff H)

 Its always twice as fun with a 2 year old. Everything takes twice as long and there curiosity is so good for perspective. We see a lake they see an ocean. Everything is new and bigger than life.
I am so glad we got outside and took the time to jus walk and look at everything slowly. Yes, it was cold and yes he threw a little temper tantrum but it was still so worth it. 

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