Thursday, January 7, 2016

Training Stories and dreams that come true

These are pictures I really still can't believe I am in. I gave myself around 30 minutes today to just write down how I felt about last year. I honestly feel with my entire being like one of the luckiest girls ever. I know people say fallow your dreams but really how many times can we really do that. My big dreams were become a good artist and one day run an ultra. I knew about Western States but 100 miles seemed crazy 5 years ago. I remember talking to a friend I greatly admire years ago saying wouldn't it be amazing if one year we ran Western States and thinking I wonder how you train for that kind of race. Then thinking I could never do that. 

 Cuyamaca 100k. I must have watched every video on You -Tube and read every blog post I could find and I knew it was going to be really hard but my friend Becca says trust the training and I did and I finished. Yes, I was near  the back like really kinda close to the back but I still had plenty of time to spare. I finished and got my medal.

 This was a couple years ago. This was when Jeff finished his first 100 mile race and mike was his pacer. Lets see they both froze there but off because it was so cold and they did not have the proper jackets. They are both really thin. Jeff had tummy issues and couldn't eat for a long time. His wife stayed up all night crewing him and he kept running it. I drove to the finish line with my kids to see him finish and  when I saw him running toward that finish line after 30 hours of running that was it for me. I saw the look on his face and I was so  impressed and my heart filled with a huge ass amount of Joy for my best friend husband. I was was over joyed for Jeff and that he accomplished what he set out to do. I was also impressed that Mike would run over 40 miles for his friend . I thought that is a really giving thing to do. When I was driving home that day I thought to myself . I am going to run 100 miles. I want to do that one day.

Fast forward 3 years and a baby . I made it last year to my first 100 mile race. There is so much I feel when I write that. My life I feel has been enriched so much by running this last year. I feel like I have something that is mine. When you have 4 kids your life is mostly about taking care of your family. I love that but my oldest is 21 so lets just say I have been doing it for a long time right ? I feel like now I finally am having time to fallow my dream and I have someone that is totally supportive of that dream. I also found a group of people to train with that have been so patient and really good about training and super knowledgeable about what it takes to run 100 miles . How awesome is that.  Running 100 miles was crazy hard . I do not think my smile would of been that big had I known what was in store for me.
Jeff was my pacer. I wish I could give him an award for putting up with my crap all night. He was super supportive and just kept me going. I can say this … That was the longest night of my life. I am sure Jeff can say it was not the best night for him either. He got me through it and his wife crewed me. She brought me food and changed my clothes and was super supportive. Mike took care of Jack so I could run not only on this day but the last 6 months leading unto this race on Saturday and Sunday morning and he never made me feel bad about being gone. Everyone came together for me. 

 This was taken after I crossed the finish line. 31hours and 29 minutes I think or more I am not sure. I was crying because I felt so humbled and raw. I felt loved and tired and so proud that I somehow with the help of my friends I finished. I Gloria King finished my first 100 mile race and I was only about 20 minutes away from the cut off but I still did it. I accomplished one of the biggest dreams I could dream. Let me tell you running The SD 100 is no joke. You have to train for this distance if your anything like me you have to train and pray a lot. Dear God, Please let me finish under 32 hours please      and he did.  You know when I am at the  finish line looking around I got to say I did it. It was not pretty but I got it done.
 Then Jeff got into Western States last year. When I found out he git in I was in a parking lot at Hodges and he was running the The North Face 50 miler. I immediately called his wife I was so excited for him . She told me he was running and that she would let him know as soon as she could. I was so happy for him. He is a great super strong runner and I love his family. Then he asked if I would pace him but just let me say that I am sure I said hey if you don't find anyone I am free to pace you :)  He asked I aid yes and I was so lucky because he was nothing like me. I paced him the last 38 miles and he was strong never complained and just kept moving. Nothing like when he paced me. (poor guy) He finished and got his amazing bad ass buckle.
Then this year this year I had one ticket. I really did not think there was any chance I would get in. It takes people years right ? So here I was planning my next race so I could get another ticket and then boom… It happened I was chosen number 297. Only 3 numbers to go and I was picked. I am super excited and trying to figure out training. I am still in disbelief . I will writting all about what I am doing to get ready for this epic year of getting ready for a race I really did not even have the balls to really dream about but I did dream about a little . So here goes my official training starts this weekend.
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