Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello and Happy April

Hello and Happy April 1st. This week has been a great training week. Everyone is on spring break so I don't need to drive the kids anywhere and that means more time on the trails for me. I ran  80 miles so far this week and I am a little sore but super happy to be sore. You know that feeling. Yesterday, I was able to get that dripping spring run in again. It was hard but a really good hard. I also ran with my girl friend most of the time and that in itself is a treat. This weekends run should be fun and but I don't think easy. I hurt my foot a bit so I will be trying to run easy. Sometimes running easy is just not possible when your with your friends. You know you just want to go !!!!
I am getting way more excited for Western. I am a mom and an athlete and I can do this. Thats one of the things I keep telling myself.  It will be back to the PCT tomorow nice and early . The only good reason to get up at 4am. if you ask me is to go RUN ! Have great weekend. 

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