Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Mood

I read the best quote :Stories have to told or they die. and when they die ,we can't remember who we are or why we are her.
Sue Monk Kidd
This is one of the reasons I keep this blog to remember. This weekends long run was emotionally draining just to get too. I got up and started on my way and next thing you know I am all tears. I just felt sad all over. I got there just in time and before I knew it we where running. We started with an easy 12 miles toward Raptor Ridge and I felt fine my legs felt happy to be moving and before you knew it I was just having a good time with The Trail Crashers enjoying our Saturday run. It is so weird to know here I am running and my sister is gone.
I really need to get my ass in gear again with less than 7 weeks until  Western States I just need to get all my runs in. The weather was awesome Saturday Cloudy with a chance of rain. We did another 10 miles the other direction and called it a day at 22 miles. Becca does a great job getting the group together and it was a big turn out. Running is a great way to clear your mind for a little bit. I am loving my Lost Boys shirt. I am so proud to be wearing it. Literally I NEVER thought I would get the point where I would be able to finish a race like that one.  You have to try it if your love a good challenge and beautiful scenery. Last week I ended up with 40 miles. Life happens and so I am OK with it. This week is already looking better . I got 2 work outs in today and it should be a 70 mile week including the PCT 50. That's Saturday race. I plan on taking that 50 mile race as a training run for WS. Last year I ran it in 11:45 so I would like to the same or better considering I think my legs are still tired for Lost Boys.  Whatever happens I will share. 

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