Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday talks

Tuesday. Today was a good day Jack and I hit the beach with my dad. It is Mothers day in Mexico today and I could not stop thinking about my mom and what she must be going through today missing my sister. Losing someone is like going through life under a dark cloud but you still have to go through it. I think it might be that motion of moving forward no matter how slow that keeps us going. You just can't give up. When I am really tired during an Ultra and I get to yet another big hill I find myself saying baby steps G. Just keep moving taking baby steps and before you know it your at the top.
I was able to get my run in 5 miles and a did my yoga class at home too. Today was simple we had taco Tuesday the kids got there homework done and my dad stayed for dinner. I am so grateful for simple easy days. 

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