Monday, June 6, 2016

My Sunday Rock and Roll Run

This past Sunday my dad ran the Rock and Roll half marathon and I ran the full. My dad is 65 he ran his first full marathon at the age of 60 with a time of 4:30. That's amazing don't you think. I do I am so proud of him. This year he ran the half and he did really well 2:10. I am so proud of him. The weather was amazing. You know perfect running weather . The race started at 6:15 am. SO early but I picked up my dad at 5am and we made it right on time. I ran alone and I thought if I could run around 4 hour marathon I would be pleased . I honestly just wanted to have a good run. I ran a 4:12. I was happy with that. The best part was seeing my dad as I crossed the finish line yelling G. Then I yelled HEY DAD as loud as I heard and he heard me. That was an awesome feeling. The Rock and Roll did a great job putting on the race. It was amazing with the music and costumes and the energy was beautiful running magic. 

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