Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Be Strong who me

What do you do when you are scared to do something ?
You show up and give everything you've got.

So here I am 18 days to go until Western and lets be honest here. OMG !! I am pooping my pants. I am so scared like literally scared. My tummy hurts and I just never thought I would get the opportunity to actually run this race. I hope I did enough running and training.
Ok so here is the deal I have never ran as much as I have since I found out I got into Western States (50 to 80) mile weeks consistently.  I have never gone to the gym or done this much core work. I have never ran so many hills or run down so many hills. You know they say  it's a down hill race. A big part of me feels like what if I did all the work and I am still not a good enough runner to finish Western in 30 hours. The training camp was not easy and we had three days to do it. Maybe I should be writing that I feel strong or that I am so excited. Maybe I should be a bunch of positive stuff but man oh man I am just not feeling it. I know its just a race but It is a really big deal race.  We rented a place my whole family is flying up. I am really nervous and I hope I can let go some of this HOly Shit feeling soon because its really messing with my happy vibe. I have had this poster of Gordy running on the course for years and hanging in my closet. Every morning when I get ready to go for a run or just   look at it.. This has  been a crazy dream of mine forever and I just hope I can do it. 

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