Friday, June 10, 2016

Part 2 of Western States training camp

Back to training camp. Day 2 we woke up really early and got our packs ready figured out what we needed for food and if I recall I spilled a bunch of water on the floor because I was so tired just trying to get my stuff ready so early was a challenge. I am always afraid I will forget something but the true beauty of running is you do not need much. A good attitude, coffee and water and some nutrition. I loved that my friends where with me. I told Becca I felt like we where on a Running Honeymoon.
The thought of knowing all I had to do was show up and run was awesome. The second day was easier than the first. We only had 20 miles to run so that thought was nice. The view was amazing. When you don't live near a trail and it is your first time taking it in it is magical. The river was to left and the canyons where so green. What I took away for race day is I just need to stay focused and keep moving forward. Julianne Becca and I totally bonded . Thats what I think and Ricky is so much faster that we only saw him at the end of each run but he the nicest guy. ( Becca's husband) aka super fast awesome runner. The aid stations has everything we needed. They took a while to get to and as soon as we did the guy said " oh your doing fine your 1 hour before the cut off" I hate the word cut off. It really got me thinking about my game plan for the race. The end came way quicker than I thought it would and they had food for us. I had a burger and chips and we waited for the bus. Some of the cool things where seeing some of the amazing runners I have a huge admiration for. Ann Trason, Sage Canaday , Magdalena Lewy-Boulet to name a few. Always cool to see them in person. I did not ask for a picture because I think they is there time on trails and there training . We needed the day by going out to islands for a quick dinner and then we went to the trail in motion picture festival. I saw Gordy speak ad he is a character. Very funny guy and a great story teller. Bed time came early because we would do this one more time in the morning and we where all tired. All together we ran 72 miles in 3 days. It was an amazing trip . We all got along and the runs where epic.  I would highly recomend doing the training camp even if you don't get it to the race. 14 days to go and we are at race day. Have great weekend..

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