Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Food and choices

My food Life : I have been really working on my relationship with food. If you fallow me here you know or have read I love all food and have been lucky for  most of my life because I can easily maintain a my weight between 120 to 130. The one thing that I have always struggled with is my tummy always hurts.  I know that it is my food choices. I was able to give up sugar . I know its only been about 10 days but no sugar for me so far. I know that I really need to make better choices specially because I feed 5 people everyday. 

I love cooking for my family I really do . I have always loved coming home with a box of donuts and baking for them it is how I show my love. One of my favorite sayings is ,"is your tummy happy."  I love making dinner and sitting at the table with my kids. I just know I could do a better job with the choices of food I feed them.
Maybe it is maturity of the fact that I have been in so much tummy pain it could also be the fact that I have more healthy friends and I listen to what they say more. I am not sure what it is but I have come to the conclusion that I really need to educate myself on food. I need to figure out what is really healthy and what is not. I want to feed my family with food I know is good for them not just filling them up.
I also think ultimately this will help my running life. I will get healthier and be able to run longer. Hopefully forever RIGHT ??
My plan is to educate myself and start to cut out the things I know hurt my tummy. I am starting with reading It starts with food first and I am sure many other books will fallow. If you have any recommendations please leave me a comment. 

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