Friday, September 30, 2016

Touring San Diego

The kids had no school this Wednesday so we decided to try The Midway again. I tried to get both my teens to come with me but I could only convince one. We headed out at 11 am it has been super crazy hot in San Diego but when you are on the Midway there is always an awesome ocean breeze.
My favorite part is watching Jack try and fly all the small planes and Bella joined him so it was double the fun.

Lunch is really good on the midway too. I had the veggie 
sandwich and Bella had chicken nuggets along with Jack. Its so much fun to sit and talk about everything we saw and plan what else we are going to do. We stayed on the Midway for 3 hours and then headed to Seaport Village for a nice walk and to see the Kite man. Jack loves him. We had a great time and on the way home both the kids fell asleep. I think that means I did a good job. I love mini exploration trips.
Now its time to get ready for The Cuyamaca 100k. Saturday morning send me some good running vibes and see me happily doing my thing please. I am planning on just enjoying myself and taking it easy. I am thinking 17:30 hours or so. I will share the entire story with you soon. I am looking forward to it . San Diego puts on really good ultras and with the weather we have how can one complain. You can't !! Happy weekend peeps may you be filled with happiness and joy this weekend.

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