Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cuyamaca and my 2 loop journey

I am a little late on this story but here goes. I woke up at 3:30 am so I could get my butt out the door by 4 am. I had an hour and half drive to get the Cuyamaca 100k and I get there right on time. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces. It was cold and it always feels colder in the mountains. We all waited around for 6am there was coffee 4 bathrooms and plenty of breakfast food. The Cuyamca 100k is a 5 star race and after the race director  gave us the last minute directions we took off  right on time. 
This year was beautiful. It was not to hot and there was a perfectc breeze for most of the day. I spent a lot of time just singing and trying to stay present. Look at the beauty the mountains hold. This is an only an hour from San Diego. Amazing 
I took it easy and I just wanted to run a fun race. I needed this race for my triple crown last year and even though its an awesome race its also really difficult. This race is 3 loops and seeing my friends at the loop start is always an added bonus.
I took it easy and just enjoyed the run. My plan was to run 2 loops. I was feeling tired leading up to the race and so I just wanted to have fun and run 42 miles.
Here I got lost because I did not pay attention and went up Stonewall. This sweet hiker told me to go back down and I did and was fine. 
I had a great time hanging out with The Trail Crashers and seeing my friends there. Running was the best part. Getting lost for hours in the mountains always makes me happy. The aid stations where just amazing, They had so much good real food. I love this race more this year than last but I cut it short at two loops . I will do it again next year and finish for sure.  Happy Trails 

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