Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A couple new summer races

  • I feel like sometimes for me after running 100 miles I am done for a while. I feel like I got kicked of a horse and getting back on seems like a lot of work. I guess the way to get back on and train with purpose is to find a race and sign up. 
  • I signed up for another 100 miler in October. My biggest reason was because I get to spend time with my friends and it looks like a fun race and one I would not try alone. The Javalina 100 miler in Arizona. I am worried about the heat but my thoughts are if I just manage myself and keep ice on myself I should be okay.
  •  Then while going Ultra sign up I saw run to the top of        Mt. Baldy 7 miler.  I have always wanted to try this one I signed up last year but was unable to attend so this year I hope to be there.
  • I almost forgot Noble Canyon Sept 22nd. I love this because it hard and hot but the perfect distance 31 miles and its local. 
  • That's my summer runs I have to look forward too. 
    Its always fun to get out there for the whole day and just enjoy life. 

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