Saturday, October 10, 2015

Numkin mama

We set out for the day. Just little man and me. Two back packs and one destination.

Yes, you guessed it the Pumpkin Patch. I decided that we should go in the early in the day. When it's just us because that way we could take our sweet time. We could explore all the pumpkin field and and not have to wait in any lines. We did just that. We took our rime walking through 3 fields and I just let him explore. It feels so good to not be in a hurry and to just let go of any expectations . My older kids were in school so it was just us.

Having the privilege of being his mama is great. I love the way everything is new and how he knew what these big orate things are called. Numkin Mama Numkin. He kept trying to pick them up but they were to big for him. 

I walked him over to the tractor rides but he decided they were to loud, so intend he played with this magical stick that also became a vacuum at any given time. There was so many bug and he didn't mind. On the contrary he said Hi bug. How are you ? His cuteness fills every inch of me with love.

This is the best thing about being able to stay home with him. Moments of pure bliss. I know this is what matters now for me. Every passion that lives inside of me helps me grow and love into bigger a bigger me. A fuller more rounded me. I have so much to learn about everything but going to the Numkin patch with this little guy and just being all I needed.

Every person we meet and let into our lives I believe is here to teach us something if we let them. This little guy makes me want to love better and hug more. Numkin mama . Best words ever. 

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